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31st May 20

Wider opening update from Governors


Thursday 28th May

Dear parents/carers,

RE – wider opening of schools

As we are all too aware, these are very challenging times and I sincerely hope and pray that you and your family are keeping safe and well. Thank you for your understanding of the current situation. Thank you also for the incredible work being undertaken by Mrs O’Mahony and her staff who are keeping in touch with the children and providing an education and support for them in vastly different circumstances.

Further to our letter regarding wider opening from 8th June, we would like to make you aware of the latest developments.  Today, we have received the following advice from Lancashire County Council and the Director of Public Health for Lancashire:

‘Lancashire County Council is advising schools in the county not to open to more pupils from 1 June, but instead to continue with the current arrangements. This is because, in our assessment, we do not currently meet all five of the government's tests in Lancashire which would allow this decision to be taken safely.

We will regularly review the situation and provide further advice so that we can advise schools to open to more pupils as soon as we judge it safe to do so.

We are actively encouraging schools to follow this advice.

The safety and wellbeing of children, their families and school staff outweighs the benefits of opening schools from 1st June.

The key information supporting this advice is that:

  • The current support system in schools for children of key workers and valuable children, which is how we describe our vulnerable children, is sufficient at this time. Additionally, safeguards are in place in Lancashire to support those children who are at risk in the community, and this support will continue.
  • There has been no evidence of educational outcomes worsening due to the effects of government lockdown policy.
  • It is not going to be possible to implement social distancing in early years school settings.
  • There is currently no evidence of widespread immunity in community settings.
  • There is a significant risk that should outbreaks occur in school settings, the current system will not allow for tests to be conducted in a timely manner and therefore, the virus will continue to spread.’

Therefore, the Governing Board has taken this advice on board and we would like to inform you that we will not be opening the school to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from the 8th June. We understand that this may present some challenges for you in these unprecedented times, but we hope you understand that, as much as we want our children to be able to return to school, we will only do this when the time is right.  

We will, of course, continue to stay open for vulnerable children and those of key workers.

The situation will be regularly reviewed by Lancashire County Council and the Director of Public Health for Lancashire.  We will continue to follow their advice and offer places to more pupils as soon as they judge it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

God bless you and your family

Mrs Sue Mills

Sue Mills – Chair of Governors

School Re-opening 1 June 2020 for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6


Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday evening, there is a possibility that we will be asked to extend our offer of school places to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from Monday 1st June.  We will, of course, continue to offer places to children in other year groups IF they are in the categories already identified ie children of workers critical to the Covid19 response and children who are vulnerable.

Whilst we do not know for sure if it is going to happen, we have been asked to prepare for this.  Therefore, to enable us to plan effectively and, most importantly, to ensure school is as safe as possible for all, we would very much appreciate it if you would let us know whether you are intending to accept the place for your child in school.

Before you make this decision, however, we would like to emphasise that school will be far from what we class as ‘normal’.  Whilst a full plan has not yet been completed, we have read the advice from the Government and are expecting that:

  • Children will be taught in small groups, with a maximum of 10 per classroom, to ensure social distancing measures can be implemented
  • The children will remain in these small groups all day each day and be kept away from other people and other groups
  • The children will remain in the same base/classroom each day
  • One teacher will be allocated to each group and they will remain with that group every day (it is not guaranteed to be their own teacher)
  • Break times and lunch times will be staggered to ensure the minimum number of children are on the playground at any one time
  • Lunch will be eaten in the classroom, as the hall will not be in use
  • Start times will be staggered to ensure social distancing can be adhered to at drop off and pick up times
  • There will be one-way systems in place in the building and around the grounds, again to ensure the 2 metre distancing is in place

Mrs Adlington and I want school to reopen and for the children to return as soon as possible.  However, we absolutely want this to be when it is scientifically safe to do so. We also appreciate that the timescales may be causing you some anxiety.

We would like to reassure you that our cleaning regime is, and will continue to be, extremely thorough.  In addition, throughout the school day the older children will be expected to:

  • Wash hands even more frequently
  • Socially distance
  • Not share resources
  • Sit at their own desk, 2 metres away from the next
  • Respect others’ space

We fully appreciate this is more difficult with the younger children, but the staff will endeavour to implement the above as much as possible.

The DfE is still advising that school staff should NOT wear PPE.  However, some staff may choose to do so, so please do not be surprised if staff are wearing gloves and/or masks.

For further information and guidance regarding this, please go to:


Whilst parents are being strongly advised by the government to return their child to school, you will not currently be fined for non-attendance.

Once you have decided whether you would like to accept the place or not, or if you need more information, please contact either

head@st-marys-leyland.lancs.sch.uk or

bursar@st-marys-leyland.lancs.sch.uk or


to inform us of your decision.  Thank you.

With very best wishes

Stay safe, God bless

Mrs O’Mahony and Mrs Adlington

Please find the latest newsletter from Mrs O'Mahony. 

SEND Newsletter 8 : Adobe Acrobat file (1177.6k)
SEND newsletter 6 : Adobe Acrobat file (701.2k)
SEND newsletter 5 : Adobe Acrobat file (702.9k)
SEND newsletter 4 : Adobe Acrobat file (817.8k)
SEND newsletter 3 : Adobe Acrobat file (987.9k)
SEND newsletter 2 : Adobe Acrobat file (781.6k)

Please find attached newletters from the Lancashire SEND team.  There is lots of information along with many ideas to support home learning.  I hope you find them useful. 



Nursery Places


For any parents wishing to apply for or enquire about a Nursery place, please contact Mrs Leach on the following email address;


Our sessions start at 9am and finish at 3pm. We accept children who are entitled to both 15 and 30 free hours childcare.

Thank you


Free School Meals


Message from LCC re food voucher scam

We have been made aware that people are sending out fraudulent emails asking for your bank details if you are entitled to free school meals whilst schools are closed.

LCC would never ask for your bank details in this way.

If you receive one of these emails please do not respond,

but do forward it to head@st-marys-leyland.lancs.sch.uk 

Thank you 


School closure


Dear Parents/carers

The Government has asked that, due to the Coronavirus, children stay away from school and are looked after at home.  We have been asked to stay open for a small number of children and those parents have been contacted separately today to organise this. 

If you have not been contacted by school today regarding this, your child MUST stay at home from Monday 23rd March until further notice. I would ask you to please respect this and advise that if your child/ren are not included on the list we have compiled, they will not be allowed in school. 

Teachers will stay in touch using ClassDojo, so please do keep an eye out for information coming through. Also, if you would like to contact school you can do this via email.  

Thank you for your understanding and patience this week.  It is a very difficult situation all round and your co-operation has been appreciated very much.  Whilst we do not know yet when schools will reopen, I hope and pray it is sooner rather than later. 

Stay safe.  God bless. 


Key worker form :  file (13.3k)

Please complete this and return to help@st-marys-leyland.lancs.sch.uk by 1:30pm on the 20th March. We can only apologise if you have already given these details to the office, however in light of continuing changes the completion of this form is now required. We can not accept any children with out prior agreement to ensure that school are fully prepared for your children. 


Should your children require childcare before or after school All Angels Out Of School club are planning to remain open, at the moment, should your children be attending school. Fees will apply as normal. Please contact manager@allangels.uk

Key workers


Dear parents

If you have expressed an interest in needing support from our school based child care hub during the Coronavirus crisis, we now have further information from the Department for Education.

Parents whose work is critical to the Coronavirus response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors. Many parents working in these sectors may not need to access the child care being provided by school and may be able to keep their child at home.


If you think that you and/or your partner fall within the critical categories and still feel that you will need to use our child care facility please email:


We apologise in advance as we will need to ask why you need this child care support if only one parent/carer is a key worker.


Key worker update


Dear parents/carers

Thank you for your patience today.  Unfortunately, we have not yet received confirmation of the ‘key workers’, therefore, the office staff will not be able to provide any further information as to whether you qualify.

We will put the list onto the website as soon as we receive it.

Thank you

School closure


As you will now be aware, the Government has made the decision to close schools for most pupils, after school tomorrow.  This has saddened me very much as the children in our school mean so much to us all, but we have to accept that it is a necessary move in the fight against the Coronavirus. 

Provision is still going to be made for children of 'key workers' and schools will be open for them on Monday.  Whilst we know some of the occupations which are on the list, we do not have the full information yet.  The Cabinet are producing a full list later today and we will, of course, let you know as soon as that list is published.  

Children who have an allocated social worker and/or an EHC plan are also expected to attend school on Monday.  Of course, 'school' will be a very different place by then and, at the moment, until we know the numbers of children we can expect, I cannot provide any information as to what the school day will look like.  Again, I hope to provide clarity on this later today. 

I am currently working closely with our local schools to look at how we can provide this in the most effective and efficent way and, it may be that your child/ren will be asked to attend another school.  However, this plan is in its absolute infancy and I will contact parents with children in these categories as soon as a plan is finalised. 

Thank you for your patience and support over the last few, very challenging, days.  I can assure you that our staff are committed to still providing your children with exciting learning activities. This will be in the form of a grid, similar to the homework grids, which will be updated regularly to ensure your child/ren have fresh ideas and activities to complete. 

I hope and pray that everyone stays safe and well during the coming days, weeks and months. 

God bless. 

Mrs O'Mahony 

Posted: 17th Mar 2020 CORONAVIRUS LETTER TO PARENTS : Adobe Acrobat file (226.3k)
Posted: 17th Mar 2020 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE : Adobe Acrobat file (178k)


Posted: 16th Mar 2020 CORONAVIRUS : Adobe Acrobat file (672.8k)











Please see our report for more details. 


If you would like to be provided with a paper copy of any of the documents on our website, please contact the main school office.  

Ofsted have advised us this afternoon that they will be inspecting our school on 11 September 2019.  If you are a registered parent or carer we would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete the on line survey at www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk.

Thank you for taking the time and your continued support.

Please read our Head teacher's welcome, where you will find out more about our ethos :

'At St. Mary's we live and learn, sharing God's love.'  


Please read in conjunction with our Mission Statement as this demonstrates our commitment to : 

'...showing our love for God in the way we treat each other with dignity and respect and by promoting the development of each child as a unique individual.'  


Year 6 homework


The year 6 class were set a Solar System themed project. Their challenge was to research the Solar System and then present their findings in any way they liked. They have done an absolutely amazing job and have produced fantastic work. Well done Year 6! Take a look for yourself...

Storyteller Visit


We  recently had a very exciting visit from a storyteller. He kept the whole school entertained with a story and poem, before treating each class to their own more personalised narratives. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Odd socks Day


As part of our activities during anti-bullying week, we came to school wearing odd socks to celebrate the fact that we are all different.

Years 1&2


Years 3&4


Years 5&6


Armistice Day 2018


We commemorated the 100th anniversary of the First World War by creating a poppy display in the hall.